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The Role of the Real Estate Agent in Oakville goes beyond just providing a listing service for homes and land. Many agents in the Oakville area are active in their communities, giving back whenever they can thanks to community-based initiatives like the ‘Every Realtor Cares’ program, and providing sponsorship and contributions to local groups and more. The services we provide ensure that the real estate market in Oakville keeps moving along, whether we help you as a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, or both.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

If you haven’t used a real estate agent in Oakville before you may have some preconceptions as to what exactly we do for the money we earn. It seems like we make a load of money from the commission on buying and selling homes, and on the surface you may think there’s not much involved in being an agent! Actually, in order to earn a commission, there are many things that a Realtor does.

Our Role as a Buyer’s Agent

For buyers’, a real estate agent can help you to find your dream property, whether it’s a cozy bachelor apartment or a vast mansion on the shores of Lake Ontario. Size doesn’t matter to us! We can recommend neighbourhoods, communities, and specific homes to go and see, and we accompany you on all those visits; helping you to see beyond the way a home is furnished or decorated, and assisting you in looking out for potential problems with a home, or highlighting positive features you may not have seen.

We are always delighted to invest as many hours as it takes to find the right home for you – sometimes you might strike lucky and you find and secure the home of your dreams after just seeing a couple of properties. Other times it can take dozens of viewings, over the space of weeks, months, or sometimes even years before we find the right home for you!

No matter how long it takes though, as a buyer you do not pay for the services of a real estate agent in Oakville. Our commission comes from the seller, and you can read more about how this works in our ‘Oakville Realtor’ article.

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams you need to actually secure it. Homes can move quickly in Oakville so if you’re sure you’ve found the right home we need to submit an offer as soon as possible. As the buyer’s agent our aim is to make sure you pay the right price – we will look at comparable sales in the neighbourhood i.e. what have similar properties sold for, and if the list price of the home you want is much higher than this we can make a lower offer. Your offer will also depend on whether anyone else is interested in the property. Another real estate agent in Oakville could have already submitted an offer, or has shown interest in the home – in this case you may have to make your best offer to begin with.

After the Offer’s Accepted

Once your offer is accepted our role still does not end. We can assist buyers with all stages of the purchase such as arranging a home inspection, and recommending mortgage brokers or lawyers. We can be present during the home inspection if you would like us to and we can go back to the listing agent with a list of any problems that we might want to negotiate on.

That’s it in a nutshell on the buying side of things but read our ‘Oakville Realtor’ article to find out how a real estate agent in Oakville assists homeowners sell Oakville real estate.

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