Houses for Sale in Oakville

You’ll find there are at least several hundred houses for sale in Oakville at any one time, and during the peak times for listing and selling homes there could be well over one thousand homes to choose from. When you add in several hundred apartments, and several hundred town homes, that’s a lot of real estate to look at!

So if you’re looking at houses for sale in Oakville with a view to moving into this wonderful town you’re going to need to whittle down your choices. Real estate agents are always delighted to dedicate as many hours as it takes to find a home for each buyer, but we do need more detailed criteria to work from!

Steps to Finding a Home

Of course, of a thousand homes there’s going to be many of those that are outside of your budget and this is especially true in Oakville. This is one of the priciest places to buy a home in the whole of Canada, coming in eighth most expensive behind cities like West Vancouver and Richmond Hill, so you first need to be aware that your budget is not going to stretch as far here as it will in neighbouring towns and cities.

What you might consider to be a healthy budget for a family home in most other places in Canada actually won’t even stretch to a small detached home here. Most of Oakville is expensive with just a few small areas that have more affordable housing. Then there are the exclusive neighbourhoods with mansions, estate homes, and beautiful large lots that are priced well into the millions.

So, once you’ve set your budget you should be able to determine which neighbourhoods you can afford to buy in. Have a drive around to get a good feel for the neighbourhoods, their streets, their facilities, and their schools (if applicable) and make a note of any houses for sale in Oakville’s different neighbourhoods that you particularly liked the look of. You can ask your real estate agent to look these up for you on MLS and arrange a viewing if the homes meet your requirements.

By driving around neighbourhoods you get a good feel for which streets you like best. One neighbourhood may look good on the map but when you actually get there you just don’t like the feel of it.

Your agent may also recommend neighbourhoods that you hadn’t already considered. In reality there aren’t exactly any run-down areas in Oakville, and with our low crime rates you could probably buy in any of the town’s communities and feel safe and secure.

Oakville’s Neighbourhoods

If you’re completely new to the town and are looking at all the houses for sale in Oakville, you’re probably going to want some extra tips on the town’s neighbourhoods. Well Oakville has many neighbourhoods and new ones have been added in recent years as subdivisions have taken place.

Joshua Creek is one of the newest – it’s an upscale community in the north of town which is where most of the new development is taking place. If you buy here you’ll be buying a newer home in a popular community. Wedgewood Creek is just adjacent to Joshua Creek and a popular choice too. However, if you need to look at affordably priced houses for sale in Oakville probably the best place to look would be the College Park neighbourhood which is north of the 403 and east of Glen Abbey Golf Course. This is still a great community with lots going for it, but homes are more reasonably priced here.

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