Houses For Rent

Why not look at houses for rent instead, if you’re considering a move to Oakville but you’re not ready to buy just yet? Renting a house can be a great way to check out a neighbourhood before you make the commitment to buy a home as it gives you time to get to know an area and the streets you like, plus great flexibility when it comes time to buy.

Oakville Houses For Rent

Oakville is a very desirable place to live and if you’re thinking of buying a house here you need to have a healthy budget to do so. Renting a home can be useful in many ways as it can get you into a neighbourhood or town that you might not otherwise be able to afford – if your heart is set on Oakville but right now you don’t quite have the budget to buy the size of home you need, then considering houses for rent could be the answer.

On the other hand, if you have the budget but you haven’t found a home you’d like to buy just yet, renting a house can be a great interim choice. As I said above, it helps in a number of ways – you get to live in the neighbourhood you want to and all the while you have time to get used to everything around you; where the shops and restaurants are, where the recreation and parks are, and how to get from A to B. It also gives you time to check out some of the neighbourhood’s streets. You may find there’s a particular street that you really like and decide you want to wait to buy a home on that street alone, well living in houses for rent right now gives you a great deal of flexibility later.

As a tenant you can decide how long you want to stay in your rented house, then, when your dream home is listed for sale you’re in the perfect position to make an offer. Not only this, but you can be very flexible on completion dates and this flexibility could sway the seller’s decision to accept your offer.

Finding Rentals in Oakville

When it comes to rentals Oakville has a very healthy market. There are estimated to be around 4,700 rental units in the town as a whole, which includes apartments and town houses, from bachelor suites to 3+ bedroom units. A large proportion of these will be apartments, but there are also a good selection of houses in Oakville too.

Prices obviously vary depending on the size of the home, type of home, and the location, with prime locations near the lake or near transport links commanding higher rents. On average though, you can expect to pay around $2,000 for a detached family home, and a couple of hundred dollars less than that for a town home. In the more desirable neighbourhoods, the monthly rates on houses will increase to around $3,000 and upwards.

So houses in Oakville are not necessarily a cheaper option than buying (when comparing mortgage payments to rent), but Oakville rentals can be a great way to check out a neighbourhood and bide your time while waiting for your dream home to be listed!

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