Selling a Home in Oakville

When selling a home in Oakville we’d always recommend you use a real estate agent to help you because selling a home is not as easy as it might sound!

Save the Commission

I know it’s tempting to want to sell your home by yourself. You could save thousands of dollars in real estate agents’ commission, and that’s money that you could put towards your new home, but all too often we’ve seen that this is a false economy. Once you calculate how much money you will spend in advertising your home, and in the additional costs you could incur on the legal side (dealing with contracts), you’re probably spending a good thousand dollars anyway. Add the inconvenience factor to this, and we wonder if it’s really worth it? Think about all the time you’ll spend putting together material for advertising, then the advertising itself, then the time you’ll spend showing people around your home, then the time and hassle of negotiating… get the picture?!

Using a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents in Oakville are invaluable when selling a home. As a home seller you will have to pay a fee – this is a commission fee that’s based on the eventual sale price of the home – but for this fee you get a multitude of services included.

First there’s the experience factor. We know about selling homes in Oakville as we’ve done it hundreds of times. We have access to sale prices and asking prices so we use this and our own personal knowledge when recommending the price you list your home for.

Then there’s the professional training – to become a real estate agent we have to go through extensive training and pass exams. These take time and effort because we need to be sure we know what we’re doing! We use this training every day to assist anyone selling a home in Oakville – listing the property, marketing, showing the home, negotiating on contracts, etc etc.

We also know what helps a home to sell. We can look at your home and its features with a critical eye and let you know what looks good, and what doesn’t look quite so good! We can then recommend things that should be done that will help improve the saleability of your home, and help you stage it in a way to look its best. You may not always like to hear what we have to say – it’s difficult especially if you’ve lived in a home for a long time, but we’re speaking from experience! Here are a few tips that will help you when selling:

Selling Tips

One of the first things you should do when selling a home in Oakville is to de-clutter and de-personalise. Sort through all your belongings and get rid of things that just haven’t been used for years – you can donate items or have a yard sale. Items that you want to keep but that reflect your own personal taste may be better put into boxes and into storage so that there’s less clutter in the home. This also helps when you sell as you will have made a start on packing already!

Don’t forget the outside of your home too. Prospective buyers will judge your home by how it looks and if the yard is overgrown and messy they’re going to think the whole house is like that.

Tidy up the yard, add some planters and hanging baskets (if in season), and repair any damage to the exterior of the house. Remember to clean the windows too!

These are just a few tips on selling a home in Oakville.

Make sure to educate yourself on Oakville real estate services to understand the Oakville real estate market as best you can when looking to buy and sell Oakville real estate.

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