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You can use the services of an Oakville Realtor to buy a home, sell a home, or both. When you’re simply buying a home (with nothing to sell) you don’t even pay a Realtor any fees or commission as this is all taken care of by the selling party; this means you get to use the professional services of a real estate agent essentially for free! So, how does this work? Well, here’s a quick guide to selling your home in Oakville using a real estate agent.

Using an Oakville Realtor to Sell Your Home

You could try to sell your home yourself; many homeowners do this every year in Canada, saving themselves the commission. However, the more accepted way is to use a real estate agent who has been professionally trained in all the courses necessary to become a licensed Realtor  Yes, we charge a commission that’s based on the sale price of your home – but for the level of service provided by an Oakville Realtor  many homeowners feel this is a reasonable price to pay.

The Listing Process

Once you've decided to list your home and chosen the Realtor you would like to work with we’ll have a meeting to discuss things like price and strategy. This is one area where real estate agents can really help out as we have access to all the local real estate listings, both active and sold, that enables us to make an informed decision when recommending a listing price. At the end of the day the listing price is your decision, but we will advise on what we think is best.

Your Realtor will then put together a detailed listing that provides all the important information on the home along with a summary that details the home’s main selling points. This is just at the basic level though, there is plenty more information on a listing than this. Add in the photographs and other media, such as virtual tours, and you have a complete marketing package. The home is then listed on MLS, and our marketing may involve advertising your home in the local newspapers, arranging open houses, liaising with other agents, and of course keeping you informed on feedback from prospective buyers.

Negotiating the Sale

Then there’s the negotiating – we will present offers to you, no matter how good or bad they are it’s our responsibility to show them all to you. We can of course give recommendations on whether we think it’s a good offer, or if we think there’s room to negotiate some more. The buyer may be asking for things that you hadn't anticipated, or perhaps they want a fast completion; these are all things that we would discuss and make decisions on before going back to the buyer’s agent with a counter-offer. In an ideal world you’ll receive an offer quickly, and at the price you wanted.

And how are we, the listing agent, and the buyer’s agent paid? We agree on the commission rate with the seller prior to listing, then when the sale goes through the amount of commission is split, usually 50/50, between each Realtor involved in the sale.

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