Sell Oakville Real Estate

To sell Oakville real estate we always recommend you talk to a licensed real estate agent. Here in Oakville there are hundreds of Realtors you could work with to sell your home, so you won’t be short of choices! Narrowing down those choices can be trickier though, so take the advice of friends, family or co-workers when it comes time to decide on the agent you want to work with. They can recommend someone who they had a good experience with.

Listing on MLS

Your choice of who to sell Oakville real estate with may be influenced by how each agent markets the properties they list. The most common way to list a property for sale is on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Every licensed real estate agent in Oakville will list their homes on MLS via the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board and, once listed, agents all over the country have access to detailed property information. Buyers and sellers also have access to a more summarised description of listed homes via the website,

Realtor Websites

Apart from MLS the internet has opened up many other possibilities when it comes to marketing homes for sale. The majority of real estate agents now have their own personal websites which showcase their listings, sometimes with more information and photos than are shown on the website. It’s always beneficial to try to sell real estate with the help of an agent that has their own personal website because your home will get greater marketing coverage.

Other Websites

Nowadays buyers frequently look at home listings on other websites as well. Kijiji, for example, always has hundreds of homes listed both for sale by owner, and by real estate agents, and because it’s free to advertise on this site you’ve lost nothing but a little bit of time posting your home on there.

Social Media

And social media has had a huge impact on the way we sell real estate too. If you think this matters, look for an agent who’s keyed in to all the current social media tools. Things like Facebook and Twitter can be used as a way of advertising homes for sale and generating interest. If a home is a little bit different or exciting it can quickly go viral. YouTube is another great way to generate interest with a video or a collection of still shots of a home’s features made into a movie. And of course, you can link to all these different social media sites from the agent’s own website.

For Sale Sign

Having a sign outside your home also greatly helps because if potential buyers are touring the neighbourhood they will see your sign and make a note of the realtor. Then they can look up the realtor’s website and find your listing.

Following on, if you’re trying to sell real estate that’s in a high traffic area it’s often a good idea to have an info box attached to your sale sign. An info box can hold detailed information about the home, giving prospective buyers a quick and easy way to see important details such as price, size of home etc.

So, with the help of a realtor there are more ways to sell Oakville real estate than you probably first thought. Technology is definitely helping the real estate industry for the better!

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