Finally, A Fast Oakville Homes & Oakville Condo MLS Property Search

Looking for Oakville Homes or Oakville Condos?

You've found the place.

For years it's been difficult to find live, "real-time" MLS listings.

You may not be aware of this but most property listing you see on the Internet are not "live" ... a house can be sold and it'll still show as available for some time.

We've finally solved the problem.

On this website you'll be able to find live Oakville Home and Oakville Condo property listings.

Here's how it works...

The website search tool you see below has direct access to Oakville real estate listings that are shared via the Oakville Real Estate Board.

Any Oakville or Ontario based brokerage that has shared its property listings will come up in the results of the search tool below...

Who Are We & Why Are We Sharing This Information?

We're two brothers who live right here in Oakville, Ontario with our families. We love Oakville and our Oakville homes and neighbourhoods.

We worked different jobs for years and began buying real estate for ourselves and as investments.

After buying several properties we got our Real Estate licenses and a few years after that we started our own Oakville Real Estate Brokerage, Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

We've setup this website because we wish something like this existed when we began searching for own Oakville homes and Oakville condos.

Today the Rock Star Team consists of 22 amazing team members. We all have years of experience and as a team we've handled hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate since 2007.

We're sharing our years of experience on these pages in hopes of "paying it forward".

We had difficulty in finding answers to simple questions or a real estate guide that made any sense.

Basic questions like, how much do you have to put as a down payment or how do you find a good mortgage broker?

What interest rates can we expect? What are the best terms of the loans? How fast can we find a property and move-in?

What is the best way to save money on our purchase?

How do you negotiate in a multiple offer situation to increase our odds of winning the property?

How do you maximize your real estate searching efforts online and offline?

Can you really find a good deal in a hot market?

All of these went unanswered. Or we got 10 different answers. Nuts.

It's taken us years to track down mortgage brokers, bankers, lawyers, and accountants that are experts at real estate in Canada and specifically, Oakville, Ontario.

Now we're going to collect some of that information on this site. We're turning this into a Canadian real estate guide that hopefully provides some answers to your questions.

What You Should Know About &

The real estate industry protects its information fiercely.

Most people are familiar with, recently renamed to

Here's what you should know...

The publicly released data on these websites is not live ... it's delayed by 24 - 48 hours.

So if you're looking for the very latest information accessing real estate information from the search tool on this website will give you LIVE access to the very latest information that has been shared through the Real Estate Board.

And because the real estate industry locks down its data really tightly there's a way to even get more data ... click here and we'll explain.

Hopefully you find this site useful...

Tom & Nick Karadza
Broker & Broker of Record
Rock Star Real Estate Inc.

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