Oakville Transit

Oakville Transit is the name of the provider that operates public transportation services across Oakville in the form of bus services and Para-transit  so if you want to catch a bus this is who you’ll be travelling with!

Unlike in some towns and cities where transit services are provided by a private company. Oakville Transit is actually a department of the town, so it’s run by the Town of Oakville. You could argue that this should guarantee a better service because the town government needs to keep its residents happy! And, being run by the town does mean there are some great benefits available for bus users.

Fares and Concessions

There are many options available for reduced rate fares including for students, seniors, and frequent users.

For seniors (aged 65 and up) the single fare is not reduced, but if you’re going to be using the buses regularly it’s worth buying a monthly pass. As of spring 2013 a monthly pass for seniors is just $50 while the same monthly pass for an adult is $99.

Seniors can also make use of free travel on Mondays when you can ride for free all day long, on all routes, so plan ahead and make this your day to go shopping, or meet friends for lunch or a coffee!

Children and students get reduced fares too, paying just $65 for a monthly pass or you can buy ten tickets for $22. This gives a saving of over $10 on the price of buying single fare tickets.

Of course, if you want to you can just pay cash for your fare onboard the bus, but to do this you’ll need to have exact change because the drivers do not handle any money themselves. The exact cash fare right now is $3.25 no matter what your age.

Another way to pay your fare on is by using the Presto Card. This is a smart card that you can load up via the website, or at a number of public offices or locations across the town. When you board a bus you just tap the Presto device and it registers the fare and takes that amount off your card balance.

The Presto Card doesn’t give you discounted travel (unless you’re entitled to a concession anyway) but it is a convenient way to travel without having to worry about having exact cash on you.

Routes and Connections

Oakville Transit connects with Burlington transit to the west, and MiWay to the east, and, during peak hours it also connects with the Hamilton Street Railway. The main bus terminus is the Oakville GO rail and bus station, and if you’re travelling by bus to connect up with the GO train the bus fare is only 70 cents.

There are 26 regular transit schedule routes operating across the town, plus a number of school specials and senior specials.


Oakville Transit also operates the care-A-van service which is provided for residents with mobility issues. This smaller bus is lower to the ground than regular buses and has a ramp for wheelchair use. It runs a door-to-door service and should be booked at least two business days in advance.

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