Oakville Rentals

As such a popular town, Oakville rentals are always in high demand. Our beautiful town is set on the shores of Lake Ontario yet it’s within very easy reach of Toronto. You could say this makes Oakville a bedroom community, but in reality the town is far more than just a home for commuters travelling into the big city! We have many of our own businesses that provide a wealth of jobs right here in Oakville, including some of the biggest companies in the world, and we have ample in the way of culture, recreation, fantastic schools, and shopping too.

Housing For Rent in Oakville

If you’re new to the town you’ve probably already heard that this desirable place includes some of the most expensive real estate in the whole of Canada. There are multi-million dollar homes for sale in Oakville, and many of them too, but there are also those homes at the more affordable end of the scale too. Oakville rentals provide an alternative to buying and are therefore a good idea for residents who are new to town, or those who prefer the freedom of renting over a mortgage.

When you picture Oakville rentals what do you think of; apartments, townhomes, detached houses, or luxury mansions? Well, the fact is that all of these types of properties are usually available for rent somewhere in the town, so we’ve got housing that will suit anyone from a bachelor, all the way up to an extensive family.

Benefits of Renting

I was always told that renting a home was like throwing your money away, but that depends on how you look at it! If you are new to town it makes sense to look at all the rentals before you go full steam ahead and purchase a home. As mentioned above, housing isn’t exactly cheap in Oakville anyway, so you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right neighbourhood to live in before committing to a large mortgage, and renting is a great way to do that.

Oakville rentals are also a good choice for young professionals because, at this stage in your life, you may not want to be a slave to your mortgage. Who knows where you’ll be in a few years time, and renting gives you the freedom to move around if you want to.

Where to Rent in Oakville

Just about all the neighbourhoods in Oakville feature rentals of one type or another, so you can pick and choose your neighbourhood of choice. Central Oakville is a popular place to be if you like being close to restaurants, shops, and bars as you’re often within walking distance of these if you rent an apartment in downtown or Olde Oakville.

Bronte Village has a similar town centre feel to it, and the closer you are to the urban core the more apartments you’ll generally find.

All of these neighbourhoods do also have houses to rent as well, but rentals with 3 or more bedrooms are far less common. So if you’re hoping to rent a home for a family there will be more competition for these larger places. Popular family neighbourhoods include Joshua Creek, Glen Abbey, Ford, and River Oaks.

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