Oakville Real Estate Services

Do an internet search for Oakville real estate services and you’ll get several million results. That’s not to say there are several million real estate agents here in Oakville (though it may sometimes feel like there are!), but if you’re looking to find just one to work with it can still be a challenge. To help you navigate this sector, here’s a quick guide to Oakville real estate services.

Who Provides Real Estate Services in Oakville?

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association there are more than 1,400 Realtors within the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB). Licensed real estate agents are members of this board, and the roughly 1,400 of them will provide services that cover the buying and selling of land, residential, and commercial real estate in Oakville, as well as the town of Milton (just to the north), and the surrounding smaller communities.

What Does OMDREB Do?

When you’re looking for an agent to work with, make sure they are a member of the OMDREB as this guarantees you a great level of service and the backing of the board.

OMDREB is one of 42 different real estate boards in Ontario that are overseen by the Ontario Real Estate Association. They in turn provide all the real estate licensing courses in the province, and anyone wishing to provide real estate services must pass these courses successfully.

It’s membership of OMDREB that allows each Realtor to list properties for sale and give buyers access to listings across the country via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so the marketing tools offered by the board are really invaluable for today’s homebuyers and sellers.

What Services Are Provided?

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home or land it’s important to work with a Realtor. Yes, you probably could take care of all the legalities involved in writing offers, negotiating, working through everything, but agents providing Oakville real estate services are fully trained in all matters of buying and selling real estate.

We go through all the courses and training so that you don’t have to! We know what we’re doing. Far from being just a marketing service for your property, or someone to hold your hand when you look at potential homes to buy, our service goes well beyond that.

Take a look at our ‘Real Estate Agent in Oakville’ article to find out more about the services we provide to each and every customer.

Finding a Real Estate Agent in Oakville

When you’re looking for Oakville real estate services where should you go? Well, many agents find that much of their work comes from referrals from past clients, so it’s a good idea to ask friends, family and neighbours if they would recommend the agent they used. When people like the service they are given they’re usually more than happy to provide a recommendation!

Failing that you can look at the list of brokerages on the OMDREB website, or conduct a Realtor Search on the Realtor.ca website.

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