Homes in Oakville

There are many fabulous homes in Oakville Ontario, from the shores of Lake Ontario to the far reaches of the town along the 407 in the north. Oakville is one of the most exclusive towns in the whole of Canada with some of the most expensive real estate, but why is the cost of property in Oakville so high?

Real Estate Prices in Oakville

There are numerous surveys and reports that have been put together on the cost of living in Canada and while these do look at the price of real estate they also look at comparative factors such as average salary. When you take both these things into account Oakville doesn’t come out as stupidly expensive because there are many people earning good salaries who live here, and, frankly, they can afford a more expensive home.

But, if we look at simply what homes cost without a comparison to other cost of living factors then Oakville is ranked very high. When looking at average house prices across 190 Canadian cities, homes in Oakville Ontario come out as the eighth most expensive, across the whole of Canada. The town comes in behind Canada’s most pricey city, Vancouver, and only behind one other town in Ontario, Richmond Hill. So, out of 190 towns and cities, Oakville is number eight for high priced homes.

What is it About Oakville?!

So, as I said above, why is the cost of property in Oakville so high? Well, above all else, it’s a really nice place to live! We benefit from being right on the shores of Lake Ontario so there are marinas and plenty of boating opportunities. There are some great public parks right on the lake too and during the summer months these are really popular with families who come for picnics on the beach, and swimming in the lake. Of course, it’s always nice to be located near a lake so you can enjoy the lake breezes and scenic vistas, but there are so many places in the Greater Toronto Area that have lake access – why is Oakville any different?

In a lot of ways Oakville isn’t that different to other towns of the GTA but I think it’s the way the town has been developed that’s really helped to seal its popularity. Plenty of new homes are being constructed but in a sustainable way. We have new neighbourhoods being built, such as Joshua Creek, where there’s a fairly high density of homes but planners were careful to keep the green spaces too and a strong community feel to the place.

Many homes in Oakville Ontario benefit from a community feeling; there are all the advantages of having everything you need in the town itself plus Toronto is within easy reach. You can choose to live in Oakville but easily commute into Toronto on a daily basis what with the GO Train stopping here, and the great highway links.

And then there’s the recreation. Oakville has plenty of places to enjoy sports and recreation, from community centres to arenas, recreation centres to tennis clubs and golf courses. And for families, homes in Oakville Ontario are situated right by some of the best schools in the country so anyone looking to give their kids an excellent start in life would be wise to choose a home here!

So you see, all these factors go together to make homes in Oakville Ontario highly desirable, and therefore very expensive.

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