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Picture this scenario: you’ve been searching for a place to set down roots and raise a family for years, and you’ve finally set your eyes on finding a house in Oakville, a beautiful and friendly Toronto suburb nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario. It’s the perfect place to raise a family, with plenty of beautiful neighborhoods and great private schools, and a downtown area packed with businesses and restaurants that you can see yourself exploring for years to come. It’s a convenient location too, just a half hour from the city and an hour from the United States border. In short, you think it’s the perfect place to make your life, the kind of town your kids will want to come back to when they start raising their own families 20 or 30 years down the road. The first step to putting all of that into action is buying the perfect home in Oakville.


Of course, buying the perfect house, whether in Oakville or anywhere else, is easier said that done. As any veteran real estate agent or buyer can tell you, there are a plethora of factors to consider when shopping for a house, from the listing price and how it compares to your budget, to the features of the home and how they compare to the dream house you’ve built up in your head. If you are shopping for a house in Oakville, you likely already know that this town is home to many wealthy people and many expensive homes. Therefore, don’t be intimidated when you start seeing high listing prices. There are pricy neighborhoods in Oakville—specifically on the east side of town—but there are also affordable areas that are suited perfectly to people raising families. If your heart is set on finding a house in Oakville, but you have a budget you need to adhere to, more affordable neighborhoods like River Oaks or West Oak Trails are great places to look.


If you are raising a family, then one of the main factors to shopping for a house in Oakville is location as it relates to schools. The Oakville area is a hotbed of sought-after private schools, and you will need to do a completely separate search to determine which institutions you find most attractive for your children to attend. One of the most renowned schools in Oakville, Appleby College, encompasses both middle school and high school grades and draws students from around the world. The school is located on the southern side of town, with a campus right alongside Lake Ontario. Property nearby, especially on the waterfront can get to be pretty expensive. Still, if you are shopping for a house in another neighborhood and want to consider the school, commuting is certainly an option.


If you are looking to go back to school yourself, however, then Sheridan College and its corresponding College Park neighborhood is where you should direct the majority of your real estate inquiries. Not only is the area relatively inexpensive as far as Oakville real estate is concerned, it also offers a classic community college atmosphere that will appeal to both students and families alike.

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