Real Estate Listings Oakville

The main place to look for real estate listings Oakville is the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, and their publicly accessible website, called All realtors in Oakville list their properties on MLS and these in turn are made available on the website where you, the public, can search for homes. MLS is a great place to start your search but by no means the only place, and there are several reasons for this…

Limited Information

The idea behind the MLS is so that real estate agents in Oakville, across Ontario, and even across the whole of Canada can share and access information about all the current and sold homes. With this information they can introduce buyers to each other and share on the commission made from the sales of property. So, in reality, MLS is designed specifically for realtors to use, not the public, but the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) also set up a website for the public to use, so that we too could look at the homes listed for sale all across Canada.

That website is and on here you can search for real estate listings in Oakville by specifying criteria such as price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of property, and location (which can be easily narrowed down by the map function). This all sound great, so where’s the catch?

The catch is that the information provided to the public on is limited. You’re only shown a very small amount of info about each property, usually which includes a brief paragraph write-up of the home’s features, and maybe a break down of room sizes, plus a handful of photos. This maybe enough to give you a general overview, but if you’re interested in real estate listings for Oakville you’re going to want to know more, and this is where the role of the real estate agent comes in.

Working With a Realtor

Only Realtors (real estate agents who are members of the CREA) can list their properties on MLS, so when you’re looking for a real estate agent to work with, make sure they are also members of CREA.

Once you’ve decided on the agent you’d like to work with you can ask them to provide you with more information on the homes you’re interested in. They will pull off detailed information on real estate listings Oakville so you have more info to look at, and they can tell you if there have been any price reductions since the home was listed, as well as how long it’s been listed for.

Obviously this isn’t all that a realtor does! We also guide you through the whole buying process, write up contracts of purchase, assist you with finding a lawyer, liaise with the lawyer, help you with the home inspection, and more, so the role of a real estate agent is really quite invaluable!

Of course, our own websites are also an excellent resource when it comes to real estate listings Oakville. As well as being able to see information on the homes that our brokerage has listed, you can try detailed searches on all homes in Oakville, without ever having to look at the website if you don’t want to.

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