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Looking for properties Oakville? The thriving town of Oakville draws in new residents every year and those new residents, of course, need places to live. There are normally several available properties. There are various homes and apartments throughout the 13 different neighborhoods and surely there is something for everyone. The area known as Old Oakville is full of old buildings, many of which were built during the 1800s and now serve as the homes of restaurants, retail establishments, and apartment units. The area was settled near the turn of the 19th century and by the mid-1850s found itself recovering from the closing of the town’s foundry. However, the town’s economy continued to shine, and the town expanded in the 1960s.


Oakville combined with several nearby towns like Bronte and Palermo in 1962 to become the larger town of Oakville and by the 1970s, the borders of the town were established as they are today. It’s a unique town in that it has not one, but two harbors - Oakville Harbor and Bronte Harbor. Being a lakeshore community, there is much to do around the water. For those into activities like boating, there are properties Oakville available on the water. The town began as a primary shipbuilding area in the early 1800s and being located on Lake Ontario has always had an effect on the town. A lot of the recreational activities in the area take place on or near the water.


If you are looking to move into the Oakville area, there are plenty of jobs available. The town attracts all kinds of major corporations and businesses who are major employers in the area. Around 200 national and international firms house their corporate headquarters right in Oakville. The economy in the area is thriving and if you are seeking employment, you can usually find it in just about any sector. You can also find employment in the larger metropolitan area which includes Canada’s largest city, Toronto. Owning properties Oakville is great for those who might want to work in Toronto but not live there. The same holds true for Hamilton which, like Toronto, is just a 30-minute drive away.


A robust economy and plenty of available properties are not the only things drawing people to one of Canada’s most livable cities. The town caters to the arts and has its own Centre For the Performing Arts. The center is home to the Oakville Ballet Company and also the Oakville Symphony Orchestra. Every summer the town hosts two major festival events. The Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival has been held every year since 1992. There are numerous musical acts that come in and perform and the event is free to the public. The other big event is the Waterfront Festival which draws 100,000 to the town annually. Major national and international music acts perform and there are amusement park rides for both kids and adults. There is also a yearly spring festival (For the Love of the Arts Festival) and plenty of other things to do in Oakville.


If you are serious about finding a home, look for properties Oakville. It is a great area in which to find a job and raise a family. For the complete experience, check out Oakville and the greater metro area.

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