Ontario Luxury Homes

Ontario luxury homes can be found in all corners of the province, though you’ll find the largest concentration of them within the towns and cities along the shores of Lake Ontario. These towns, especially the ones that are within easy reach of Toronto, include some of the most expensive real estate in Canada and the homes are usually beautifully luxurious to match their price tags. One person’s idea of Ontario luxury homes can be quite different to the next, so what does luxury mean to you?

Luxurious Features

When searching for a home at the luxury end of the scale it’s often the features, both inside and out that make a home luxurious. Most home buyers will expect to find the use of expensive and/or imported tiles, whether they’re marble, travertine, or something else. The same goes for kitchen counter tops as well – high end finishes like granite are a given in luxury homes, as are high-end appliances.

Bathrooms should be luxurious and spacious. A custom walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and jets or maybe an added steam function is popular, and there would usually be a large bathtub as well, dual sinks, and heated flooring.

In larger luxury homes features like media rooms are becoming more common, as are many other high-tech gadgets and gizmos like remote controlled lighting, and a stereo system connected around the whole house.

Outside, luxury homes often feature the best views and locations. Lakeside Ontario luxury homes are in high demand for example, but a ravine lot always commands a higher price and desirability too. You could also buy a home with a swimming pool, either in or outdoor, and many buyers think of luxury to mean spacious, estate sized lots with sweeping driveways and gated access.

Luxury doesn't have to be large though. Ontario also has many luxurious town homes that benefit from spacious interiors but very little in the way of land outside. This type of luxury home appeals to professionals who don’t have the time to enjoy large gardens.

Where to Look for Luxurious Homes

You can find luxury homes all over the province but there are some towns that feature this high-end living more than others. Oakville is one example, and at roughly 40 kilometres from downtown Toronto this town appeals to many of the senior executives who work in the city but don’t want to live there. Luxury lakefront homes sell for well into the millions, but you can also buy luxury town homes here too for in excess of a million dollars.

Richmond Hill is another Ontarian town known for its expensive and luxurious housing options. It doesn't benefit from the lakeside setting that Oakville does, but it’s located just to the north of Toronto. Oakville’s neighbouring city, Burlington, also has some of Canada’s most expensive homes, and unsurprisingly the country’s capital, Ottawa, features luxury homes with high price tags too.

If you are in the market for luxury homes be sure to work with a real estate agent who can guide you through the process.

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