Oakville Townhomes

Oakville townhomes are often seen as a more affordable alternative to the stock of expensive detached and semi-detached homes in the town, but this doesn't mean they are any less desirable! Yes, townhomes can start from under $300,000 yet at the high end of the scale you could actually spend well over a million dollars on a large, luxurious townhome in one of Oakville’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a home as Oakville townhomes are so diverse that they can appeal to many different types of buyers.

Affordable Townhomes

You may think that ‘affordable’ and ‘Oakville’ don’t exactly go hand in hand, but you’d be surprised by how many townhouses you could buy for less than $300,000! Mainly you’d be considering townhomes that are 25 years old and up. Architecture was really quite different in those days so what appealed back then may not look so attractive to us now. Even so, if you can look past the exterior you’ll generally find spacious interior living spaces and an average of 3 bedrooms. Also consider the fact that these will be condo townhomes and you’ll have monthly condo fees to pay. Falgarwood and College Park are two of the neighbourhoods you’re most likely to find these affordable townhomes in.

An exception is the new Waterlilies townhome development. It’s located at Dundas and Sixth Line in Uptown Oakville, and even though these are newly constructed, prices start as low as $278,500.

Mid-Priced Oakville Townhomes

If you can stretch your budget to around $400,000 more neighbourhoods and a newer selection of townhomes will be available to you. A rough average for townhomes is around the $400k mark, so there are plenty more to choose from in this price bracket. In the lower $300’s they will still mostly be condo townhomes, but if you’re looking for properties in the high $300’s or low $400’s you’ll find many more freehold properties. The benefit with this is there are no condo fees to pay and the home and land is exclusively owned by you. Oak Park, Glen Abbey, and Falgarwood often have homes in this price range.

Premium Townhouses

The larger executive townhomes will usually set you back at least $600,000, but with floor plans of around 2,000 square feet these are large homes suitable for families, or for couples who want more space for entertaining. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods for townhomes in the upper price ranges include Joshua Creek, Downtown Oakville, Bronte Creek, and Bronte Village, but if you want to spend even more than $600,000 this is possible too. It may be surprising to hear this, but there are numerous Oakville townhomes that are priced over a million dollars, and even some at over $2 million! Of course it depends on what is being offered for sale at the time that you’re looking, but if you wanted to buy within an exclusive enclave of townhomes, set right on Lake Ontario, and within walking distance of the harbour and downtown, you’d be pushing $2.5 million!

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