Oakville Private Schools

Oakville private schools are among the best schools in the country so it’s no wonder that our great little town has such an excellent reputation for education! It’s been said that Oakville has one of the highest ratios of private schools to student population in Canada, so if you’re looking to give your children a private education then this would seem to be the town to live in.

Private Schools in Oakville

When we say ‘private school’ we mean one that is not covered under the umbrella of the Halton District School Board. This is one of a total of 72 schools boards in Ontario that oversee the province’s public schools, and the Halton District School Board takes care of a total of 76 elementary schools, and 16 secondary schools across Oakville, Halton Hills, Milton, and Burlington.

Oakville private schools are operated differently to public ones – they have their own distinct educational missions so they can make their own choices as to how their students are educated. This can be great for kids who maybe don’t fit into a standard classroom learning environment because in private schools the class sizes are usually much smaller and learning is tailored to each student.

Private schools aren’t funded by the government or by public taxes. A large amount of the money needed to keep these schools running is from tuition fees but also charitable contributions and endowment revenues help to fund them too.

Choosing a Private School

With so many private schools to choose from, which one will you choose for your children? There are several things to think about when planning a private education for your kids – your budget is a top consideration because you have to pay for tuition in a private school. Fees vary vastly with the different schools but if you don’t think you can afford your top choice you may be able to qualify for scholarships and/or financial aid. If you have more than one child the costs are even more of a concern, but most schools do offer a sibling reduction in tuition fees.

The next consideration is the type of private school. Private schools cover the whole of a child’s education between them, but do you want your child to be enrolled in a private school for their entire education, just for elementary school, or perhaps just for secondary school? Choose the appropriate school depending on your answer. You should also consider whether you want your child to have a Christian focused education, or a non-religious one.

Oakville’s Top Schools

Oakville private schools are very highly rated in Canada, but then so are its public schools. Munns is a public elementary school that has an excellent rating according to the Fraser Institute School Rankings, and is ranked joint 16th place for the whole of Ontario.

But if you have your heart set on a private school you could opt for Appleby College. It’s one of the most famous and has grades 7 to 12. MacLachlan College is also renowned and here you can send your children as early as pre-kindergarten through to grade 12. For more information on the best of Oakville private schools you can visit the Oakville Independent Schools website or see the Fraser Institute School Report Cards website for info on the best schools in the province.

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