Oakville Land

Oakville has long been a popular place to call home, and with plenty of new residents moving into the town on a regular basis Oakville land is always in high demand. Developers have bought up large pockets of subdivided land to build new neighbourhoods while individual lots are highly desired for the construction of custom homes. If you’re looking for a piece of land to call your own, here are some hints and tips that should help.

Finding Oakville Land

The first tip we’ll give you is to work with a realtor. Land is in such high demand in Oakville that you really do need to work with a real estate agent in order to successfully find, and then buy, the land that you want. There are often multiple buyers interested in a single plot of land and without a real estate agent working on your side the chances of successfully buying are limited.

A realtor can help in many ways – first they can help you find the land in the first place. You may be relying on MLS (Realtor.ca) to search for Oakville land, but this is probably futile and a waste of your time and energy. Many land lots sell before they even make it onto MLS (because it can take a couple of days for listings to appear on the website) so if you’re waiting and waiting for land to appear, it may never do so.

Using a real estate agent you have access to listings much faster than you would simply on MLS. The agent can keep their eyes and ears peeled for you, looking out for suitable lots, then showing you those lots as soon as possible.

Where are the Lots?

Lots could pop up literally anywhere in Oakville, but one thing is sure, there are not too many empty lots left for developing now. So, what many buyers do is to buy land that already has a home on it with the idea to either demolish the existing home, or completely refurbish and expand it. Of course, this can be a pricier option because not only are you buying the land, you’re buying the home that stands upon it too. Then you’re paying to knock that home down to make way for the one you want to build. This could be seen as a large waste of money, but if you have the inclination and the budget to build your own home, this is often the only way to go.

Buying Land in Oakville

The next piece of the puzzle is actually buying the land. This is where a real estate agent becomes invaluable again. A realtor will be able to find out if there are any other offers on the Oakville land in question. He or she will then be able to look at some comparable lots in order to decide on an offer price, write up the offer, then negotiate if necessary.

When there is more than one buyer interested in purchasing the land it can get more complicated, so having a real estate agent on side can be very beneficial. The realtor can help with negotiations and advise on a plan of action so that you end up buying that land, not someone else!

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