Oakville Houses

From compact townhouses to sprawling custom estate homes, Oakville houses fall into many different types, architectural styles, and price ranges. We have such a broad range of homes here in Oakville and this is just one reason why the town appeals to such a broad range of people. Whatever your dream home looks like, the chances are you’ll be able to find it, or something very close, within the town, or you’ll be able to work with a custom home builder and build from scratch.

Historic Homes in Oakville

Historic and heritage homes are just one of the popular types of houses available here in Oakville. They offer a certain charm that modern built homes just don’t seem to have. Beautiful period features are often in high demand in Oakville houses so it’s important both for the value of the home and for retaining its historical significance that these features are preserved. The Town of Oakville is actually very keen to promote the preservation of its historical homes and other buildings, and residents of the town are proud of its history too.

Heritage homes aren’t for everyone – being older they do take more maintenance and care than a modern home would so anyone considering buying historic houses needs to bear this in mind. But, if you’re not put off by the extra work take a look at the Olde Oakville neighbourhood as it’s here that you’ll find many of the town’s older homes.

Custom Luxury Homes

Being one of the wealthiest towns in the country many Oakville houses are sprawling custom luxury homes that have been built on some of the largest lots in town. The Morrison neighbourhood is one of Oakville’s most sought after for these types of homes. It’s in the south of town, just to the east of downtown and Olde Oakville and it fronts onto Lake Ontario. This is said to be among the most affluent neighbourhoods in Canada so if you would like to consider homes in this community you should expect to pay around $1 million for a lot that would require a new build or renovation to bring it up to luxury standards. Then of course you should add the cost of actually doing the build or refurb.

Affordable Homes

Oakville houses do regularly sell for into the millions, though there are some more affordable neighbourhoods of the town too. Naturally it always depends on the individual home but if you’re looking for a moderately priced neighbourhood then West Oakville could be a good choice. Here you’ll find a selection of post-war bungalows and slightly newer split-level homes, and being a more established community you will find larger lot sizes than with some of Oakville’s newer subdivisions.

The Newer Subdivisions

Of course, those newer subdivisions can also be a wonderful place to live and they do offer a great sense of community with a family friendly atmosphere. You’ll find the subdivisions are most often in the northern areas of the town, owing to the fact that this is where the space is, and among them is the very popular Joshua Creek community. Here, as with most other subdivisions there’s a selection of different housing types – townhouses are among the most popular homes here, yet there’s also a good choice of detached homes too.

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