Oakville Dream Homes

As one of Canada’s most prestigious towns there are plenty of Oakville dream homes to choose from! Oakville in Ontario does have some of the country’s most expensive real estate, but there’s a good reason for this. The town is a wonderful place to live and has long attracted many of Canada’s wealthiest people, and they want nothing short of the best when it comes to homes – sprawling estate homes with large lakefront lots, luxurious features and finishes are what they’d consider to be Oakville dream homes, and who wouldn’t?! But a dream home doesn’t have to be a vast mansion – Oakville has its share of these, but it also has many more practical dream and family homes as well.

Finding Your Dream Home

Admittedly what one person considers to be a dream home could be completely different to another’s idea. For some, just having a good sized lot meets their criteria for dream homes, whether it’s so the children have plenty of space to run around and play, or because you want the extra privacy that a larger lot can give you.

Others call ‘dream homes’ those that have newly fitted kitchens and bathrooms with granite counters, high-end appliances, and fancy light fixtures. Of course, a dream home could simply be one that has all the living space and bedrooms that a family requires, so it really does come down to personal taste and requirements.

Buying Your Dream Home

If you’re hoping to buy a dream home in Oakville you’re going to need a large budget. Some neighbourhoods of the town have more in the way of dream homes than others – there are the really prestigious streets of the Morrison and Olde Oakville neighbourhoods that have many dream homes but you should expect to spend several million dollars for the privilege of living here.

Though Oakville is expensive there are some neighbourhoods that are more budget friendly such as Glen Abbey. Here there’s a good mixture of properties including dream homes that are set right by the world famous Glen Abbey Golf Course – if you’re a golf fan this has got to be your dream place to live!

Heading to the north east corner of Oakville you’ll find one of the newer subdivisions, Joshua Creek. This has fast become a very popular, family friendly neighbourhood, but this doesn't mean the homes are all the same. Joshua Creek also has its share of dream homes, especially those that back onto one of the town’s parks, and has a large and spacious lot.

Oakville Dream Homes Lottery

If you want to buy a dream home in Oakville but you don’t have the budget you could always try your luck at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery. Every year this charity event has the people of Ontario reaching for their wallets for a chance to win one of the beautiful dream homes that are given as prizes. And yes, we said homes in the plural! The main grand prize is usually a large, mansion-esque family home that’s valued in the millions, but there are ten grand prize properties in total.

Tickets sell fast every year so try to get in early for your chance to win one of the Oakville dream homes on offer.

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