Halton Region

We just like to call it the Halton Region, but officially it’s known as the Regional Municipality of Halton! Set in the southwest portion of the Greater Toronto Area, Halton includes the beautiful town of Oakville, the city of Burlington, and the towns of Milton and Halton Hills that together provide quite the variety of real estate. It’s a great place to live, wherever you choose to settle down, and we’re going to share with you the reasons why.


You really can’t beat the location of the Halton Region. We’re so close to the City of Toronto that you can easily commute each day using the GO Train, and you can visit the big city in the evenings and at weekends too, making use of the great entertainment and dining options that Toronto offers.

On the other hand, the region is just far enough away from TO that it has a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere. There’s less traffic out here, and towns like Oakville have their own individual appeal and community feel.

Safe and Family Friendly

One of the best things about the region is that it is safe and family friendly. You’ve probably heard of Maclean’s and the reports they publish on crime levels in towns and cities across the country. Well, for several years running, the Halton Region was ranked as the safest place to live in the GTA, and the safest regional municipality in Canada, so that’s quite an achievement. It’s safe to say that crime levels are low here.

The region also maintains its family friendly appeal with its schools. In Oakville, for example, you’ll find some of the best schools in the country, be they public or private. In fact, Oakville has one of the highest ratios of private schools to student population in the country, making it a great choice for families who’d like their children to have a private education.

Urban Versus Rural

Even though Halton is within the GTA it’s not overly urbanised here. Its towns and cities have seen a lot of growth in recent years and there are pockets of higher density housing, but overall, there’s still a lot of rural areas to be found. If you like the more rural way of life then Milton and Halton Hills in the north of the region offer a far more rural feel than Oakville and Burlington do, but, even so, the latter two have many parks and attractive waterfront areas that residents can enjoy.

Despite plenty of housing development and an increasing number of businesses being attracted to the Halton Region there’s still actually a great deal of agricultural land here, and there remains large areas of protected land along the Niagara Escarpment.

The Economy

So, as you might expect, the economy is going real strong in the region, with historically between 4 and 5% unemployment rate. We have some major employers in the region such as the Ford Motor Company, who chose to make Oakville their Canadian headquarters, and they employ over 3,800 people. Of course there are many far smaller companies than this who employ a great proportion of our population and keep our economy going strong.

Real Estate

Because the region is such a popular place to live there have been many new homes, condos and town homes being constructed over the past decade and still more are being built today. Developers need to keep up with the high demand for housing in the region, and while prices may be higher than in some of the surrounding municipalities, buyers know that they have a good investment when buying real estate in the region.

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