Oakville Estates

If you are looking for Oakville estates, you may want to find one fast. Oakville is a city of around 200,000 that is located directly between the larger cities of Toronto and Hamilton in southeastern Ontario. It is a family-friendly waterfront community that gives it residents a small-town feel with all of the big city amenities one could hope for. For those tired of the fast pace and the hassle of urban life, Oakville is a wonderful refuge from that daily grind.

If you are new to Oakville, you may be unaware of its history and development. Many of the available Oakville estates have a long and rich history. The city itself started back in the early 1800s when British settlers created their own small community. Since it was located near water, the shipbuilding industry was big and led the town to major growth. Later, in the mid-1850s, a foundry became the primary industry in town. The community continued to attract new residents and several smaller communities began to develop outside of Oakville, which was centered around the Oakville Harbor. Those smaller communities merged with the original Oakville in the 1960s to become what is today the city of Oakville.

The original settlement area, near the harbor, is known as Old Oakville, and is a thriving retail district. The area is well known throughout the province for its rich cultural history and its shopping. The downtown area is promoted heavily and draws all sorts of businesses many of which are located in old Oakville estates. Yearly events, such as the Downtown Jazz Festival and the Waterfront Festival, draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the downtown area of the city. Businesses flourish because of special events like these. Residents of the city love going into the downtown area because of all of the old 19th century era buildings. If you don’t live in the Old Oakville neighborhood, make sure you check it out not only to see all of the old architecture, but also for the shopping.

Oakville is a city that is friendly to business and industry. There are plenty of Oakville estates that today may be used for commercial purposes. The city has been known to attract all kinds of business to the city. There are over 200 companies who house their corporate headquarters in Oakville. As a result, the economy of Oakville is thriving. This is one of the things that attracts new residents. There is always an opportunity for employment in the area.

If the economy isn’t enough to draw you to the area, the small-town, family-friendly life will get you. It’s not Toronto and it’s not Hamilton, but Oakville gives you the best of the city while holding on to the family values of the small town. You can enjoy the Oakville Center for the Performing Arts, which will bring a wide variety of shows to the area and is home to the Oakville Symphony and Ballet Company. There are all kinds of boating and water sports-related activities as well as numerous outdoor trails and parks throughout the city. Whether you want to look for Oakville property estates or apartments, becoming a resident of Oakville will be like coming home.

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