Oakville Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are searching for Oakville commercial real estate or a residential property, this city has much to offer, from its vibrant lakeside to business friendly community. Oakville has a robust economy that is driven by the more than 200 corporations who decided to locate their corporate headquarters in the city. The automobile industry, the aerospace industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and many more are all represented, and help to give the city of Oakville its vibrant atmosphere.

Located halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, Oakville is the perfect home for businesses and individuals. Businesses looking for a new home outside the big city will fall in love with this lakeshore community that originated back in the early 1800s. The town began as a small settlement in and around the Oakville Harbor. It rapidly developed into a larger city as the shipbuilding industry picked up. In the 1960s, several of the neighboring communities merged and became part of what is now Oakville. That original section of the city is called Old Oakville and some of the old 19th century buildings offer up some of the best in Oakville commercial real estate.

The typical Oakville resident can find everything from apartments to retail shops to restaurants in Old Oakville. The city has a rich cultural heritage and enjoys holding onto that image. The downtown area, which offers plenty of Oakville commercial real estate, is well known as a dynamic shopping area. The Business Improvement Area (BIA) was created to help the city generate business, especially in the downtown area of Old Oakville. It is made up of commercial property owners and tenants for the distinct purpose of bringing more business downtown.

If you are considering commercial real estate, think about locations in the downtown area. With the BIA and other community organizations really hyping the area, there is a great amount of foot traffic in the area. There are yearly events that routinely draw thousands of people into the downtown district.

The annual Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival has been bringing people into the city since 1992. All sorts of entertainment is provided to public free of charge. The Waterfront festival is another such event and normally attracts 100,000 visitors. The BIA sponsors a one-day Fall Fest which will offer entertainment throughout the day and will draw thousands of people to Old Oakville. For a commercial tenant, this is one area of the city to consider.

The city itself is just a great place to live and work. There is plenty to do in this family-friendly city of about 180,000. Along with all of the downtown events that occur throughout the year, there are a multitude of other activities that keep residents on the go. Being a lakeside community, water sports are a big part of the city’s recreation. Oakville is unique in that it has two harbors. With those two harbors, there is a great deal of dock space for those who are interested in boating. The city has several beaches and there are over 2,000 acres of hiking trails for those who love the outdoors. There is an industrial district as well which is home to some prime Oakville commercial real estate. Some of the many corporate headquarters in the city are located here.

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