Homes in Oakville

Are you currently combing through listings of homes in Oakville, hoping to find your dream house in the perfect location, but not really sure where to start shopping? Have no fear - whether you are a first-time real estate buyer or someone who has been through the whole process before, whether you are a new arrival in Oakville or someone who was born and raised here, there are a few considerations that can help you find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood.


For those who are new to the area, learning about what Oakville has to offer as a community can go a long way in helping you toward a happy and satisfying conclusion of your real estate search. A part of the wider Toronto area, Oakville is a thriving suburban area that more than 180,000 people call home. The town was founded in 1827 by a merchant and shipbuilder, who was attracted by the area’s lakefront positioning. To this day, water frontage on Lake Ontario is a huge draw for people looking for homes in Oakville, with the gorgeous Oakville harbour and a variety of beaches and other waterfront fixtures making this one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. If you are looking at homes in Oakville, and are hoping for nearby waterfront access, stick to the southern side of the area.


Another major attraction in Oakville is the beautiful and homey downtown area, which encompasses a plethora of friendly local businesses and delicious restaurants, all without sacrificing the suburban, small-town feel of the area. Nestled within the heart of “Old Oakville,” which is surrounded by neighborhoods filled with old, historic houses and lovely public parks, downtown Oakville plays host to hundreds of businesses and enough festivals and annual activities to whet the appetite of any real estate buyer looking for a fun-filled nightlife. As far as Oakville homes are concerned, shopping for something near the downtown area will put you right in the heart of the action all year round.


What sort of activities does the downtown area offer, you may ask? The summer brings plenty of opportunities, including a multi-stage jazz festival with free admission to the public, a community fine arts festival designed to showcase local talent in a wide range of pursuits, and a beautiful—and very well-attended—waterfront festival that offers fireworks, amusement park rides, free concerts, and food and drink offerings, all on the glorious shores of Lake Ontario. Needless to say, those with homes in Oakville near the downtown area will have plenty of things to do, especially during the summer months.


If the downtown area doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can redirect your search for homes to one of the more traditional neighborhoods. Taking classes at Sheridan College? Check the real estate listings for the College Park neighborhood. Looking to live in luxury? The homes in South East Oakville are towering symbols of expense and success. Or do you simply want a place where you can raise a family amidst quiet streets and friendly neighbors? In that case, you may be most drawn to areas like the Lakeshore Woods neighborhood or the River Oaks community. No matter where you search for homes in Oakville, though, know that you can hardly go wrong with this great community: no area in Ontario is more tailor-made to meet family needs.

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